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Regularly Change your Hvac Vents Air Filters | Able Mechanical


One of the most important and cost effective steps is to change your HVAC air filters regularly because this will help you reduce your energy costs. HVAC filters are used to help keep dust, dirt and allergies out of your air circulatory system throughout the home. Regularly changing these air filters ensures that the fans are working properly. The proper time to change the filters depends on the environment. If you have a large family or have pets then you would need to change the air filters more often than a single occupancy home. If you have construction within the home or near the home you will also need to change the filters more frequently. And if you live in a larger city where the air quality may not be perfect then the air filters need to be changed more as well. Pet hair can clog the filter fast, especially if you have more than one animal, and yes, size matters too. If you have people with allergies coming to your home, or residing within, you may also want to change the air filter more regularly because the whole purpose of HVAC air filters is to keep allergens and dirt from circulating within your home.

The World Health Organization has identified air pollution as the culprit for millions of deaths around the world, but, the really surprising part? Back in 2012, they equated the over half of the deaths associated with air quality to poor indoor air quality, not just the pollution that we see outside. Pollution isn’t always visible, doesn’t always smell, but it will always make an impact on you and your family’s health. The few minutes it takes to change an air filter to keep your HVAC system working smoothly is well worth it to protect your home and your family.