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Custom Steel Fabrication

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Steel is an amazingly versatile material. It’s right at home in your home, in your workplace, and in the industrial sector because it is so useful. When you utilize custom steel fabrication you open a whole world of possibilities for you to take advantage of to create just the right look for your environment.

One of the reasons steel has so much use in so many areas is that the metal can give you the ultra-sleek modern industrial feel or it can give you a more rustic feel depending on how you finish it. Steel is known for its high tensile strength which it gets from the elements used to create it, mainly iron alloy and carbon. The strength can be changed depending on the mixture of elements, thus making steel functional in so many places.

Custom steel fabrication is nothing new either. Some of the oldest steel artifacts have been dated to around 1800 B.C., approximately four thousand years old, but some researchers think that in Africa, the Haya people may have started making steel as early as 1400 B.C. There have been many methods employed by steel fabricators over the centuries, depending on the area in which they live, including harnessing monsoon winds to make steel.

In today’s world steel is used everywhere and China is the largest producer and user of it. Custom steel fabrication is used in many industries such as ship building, mining, pipe lines, aerospace construction, heavy equipment, stadiums, airports, skyscrapers, and other large building structures. Steel is also used in your everyday things you use, like your car, washing machine, guns, screws, nails, steel wool, and cooking utensils. Steel is used in the medical profession in the form of surgical steel.

But custom steel fabrication has a softer side in your home. Stainless steel is the go to look for a sleek modern kitchen and many people are using custom steel fabrication to get some interesting features to complement their appliances, like a stainless steel bar. People often put up steel art in their homes and their gardens because it can be customized just for them. People have used custom steel fabrication to make everything for their homes, from bed frames to chair backs. Steel is often used for banisters in stairways. It is also often used in utility shelves for places like your basement of garage.

Steel plays a role in your life more than you may realize. You use it every day. And it plays a huge part in our global economy, especially because the steel industry is used as an indicator of economic progress, so a growing steel industry means a healthy, growing economy. Next time you see a piece of custom steel fabrication give it a second look, you might have a place for it in your home or workplace. And next time you walk into your favorite team’s stadium or a tall building or when you drive across a bridge, you can thank a steel skeleton for keeping it up.