Able Mechanical is an HVAC contractor that has provided Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Denton TX and DFW for more than 30 years. Able Mechanical provides expert service by having a well trained, dependable staff of experts who are highly qualified to service all residential and commercial equipment. We work with you to schedule service as needed, and at your convenience.  We work with you to schedule service as needed, and at your convenience. 


• Air Conditioning & Heating Service
• Air Conditioning Systems
• Air Ducts
• Central Heating Systems• Custom Heating & Air Conditioning
• Custom Work
• Energy Efficient Systems

• Free Estimates• Guards
• Heating & Air Conditioning Duct Work
• Heating & Cooling Systems
• Installations• Maintenance & Repair
• Ventilation Systems


Able Mechanical offers yearly residential and commercial service contracts. Planned service increases system reliability, but should an emergency arise, our service plan provides for preferential treatment.

Able Mechanical offers multiple options. Based on our experience with systems similar to yours, we develop options and together develop a plan that meets your needs.

Able Mechanical provides price protection. Your costs are fixed throughout the plan effective dates. Prices will not be raised for the following renewal periods without notifying you. Planned service agreements reduce the potential for emergency calls by revealing potential problems before they become problems! Regular system tune-ups reduce utility bills by keeping your equipment operating at peak efficiency, as well as minimizing the costs of lost time, production or product. We welcome the opportunity to discuss what planned service may do for you.

Commercial service plans are also available. Able Mechanical offers site specific planned service agreements tailored to the individual requirements of our commercial accounts. Our planned service agreements provide: Peace of mind, scheduled periodic inspection, cleaning, lubrication and adjustment of your cooling and heating systems and keep them operating trouble free at peak efficiency.



• Amp Draw Blower Motor
• Check Drain
• Clean Drain
• Check Filters• Inspect Duct Work
• Check/Adjust Safety Switches
• Inspect for Gas Leaks
• Check Wiring• Clean Cond. Coil (Water Only)
• Check Contactor
• Check Amp Draw of Compressor
• Check Amp Draw of Cond. Fan• Take Temperature Differentials
• Cycle A/C
• Cycle Furnace
• Check Belts


• Adjust Freon Charge
• Install Pan Tablets
• Specialty Filter• Seal Air Leaks
• Clean Con. Coil -CHM-
• Clean Evap. Coil -CHM-• Repair Armaflex
• Clean Heat Exchange
• Clean Burner